Car Selling Techniques, From Hyundai to Honda Dealers


Few of us walk in to a car showroom without some genuine interest in buying a car. So when you venture in to one of the many motor sales rooms – be it one of the Ford, Renault or Honda dealers – you know that you’re very likely to encounter a keen salesperson. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you’re after, from Alpha Romeo to Honda dealers – the recession means that any potential car buyer is going to get a great deal of attention when they walk through that door – and quite possibly a great deal itself.

That said, what kind of approach is your eager automobile vendor likely to take with you? Well, in such a competitive area your sales person is going to know every trick in the book. The first thing you can expect is that the salesman or woman will know their company’s product inside out – they’ll know exactly what makes Volkswagen dealers different from Citroen dealers, and what makes Nissan dealers different from Honda dealers.

The next thing a salesperson in your local Toyota or Honda dealers might do is get as much information from you as possible regarding your vehicle needs, so they can highlight how their cars fit into your personal or business life. You’ll find they will be careful to use their body language effectively – a firm handshake and a relaxed posture, along with the obligatory smile. They may avoid direct questions such as ‘why?’, preferring instead to rework any issues you brought up into a question. This is simply a way to keep you at ease used cars centralia il.

Any information about your needs will be duly noted by the sales person, so he or she can highlight the benefits their cars have for your particular requirements. If you bring up any specific objections about a potential buy, the salesperson will try and overcome them by pointing out how the product deals with it. Finance packages, better delivery times or other ways to mould the service to your needs will likely be found to persuade you to close the deal. These techniques are utilised by all manner of shops and sales rooms, but because of the large amount of money involved, you’ll find these methods are particularly honed for say, Vauxhall or Honda dealers.

A really good sales process won’t end after the final deal is closed – as a sales person will stay in contact with you, ensuring that all your needs are satisfied. The long term goal is to develop a good relationship and encourage further business in the future.

So the next time you stroll in to a Ford garage, stride into a Honda dealers or wander into a Citroen showroom – you might have more idea of the thought that goes into that casual ‘are you looking for anything in particular Madam?’ or ‘Ah, I see you’ve noticed our newest model, Sir…’. But ultimately, all of these techniques and processes are likely to ensure you get more motor for your money, more Bugatti for your buck, more Honda for your handful and more Mondeo for your moola.