Everything You Wanted to Know About New Fiber Cement Siding and Fiber Cement Board!


Like a homeowner, the toughness of your property is just one of your key factors. You would like a home that can resist the weather where you reside, nevertheless, also you are interested to seem great at an identical time. Worry no longer, because here is the solution! Fiber cement boards are an extremely durable and thoroughly attractive content to siding your house. Keep reading to find out more concerning this manufactured content.

What Is It?

The concept of fiber cement planks was improved in early 1900s, and is a huge favorite construction material ever since. For a lot of this 20th century, the item had been created using asbestos fibers, although practice has been completely halted. Magnesium cement sheets are now made with other, non-harmful fibers that are organic. As its name indicates, the planks consist of concrete, cellulose (plant-based) fibers, along with sand. This materials is popularly known as HardiePlank, and it is a reference JamesHardie, the most frequently encountered producer of fiber cement solutions Knauf selling.

Fiber-cement planks are produced in long horizontal boards for usage in cladding or siding a house, to mimic the expression of traditional wooden siding. It is also obtainable in huge tiles and sheets, and it is frequently utilised to line eaves or as a laying surface for tile bathrooms and decks. It is likewise regularly substituted for wood in locations using a high fire hazard since it’s highly flame-resistant.

Why Choose Fiber Cement?

Magnesium cement, even when employed as cladding on an structure, is highly more advanced than conventional hardwood siding. It is not vulnerable to rot or termites, and can be nonflammable as well as non-meat. Thicker sheets can also be tremendously impact-resistant. It is an extremely durable cloth, requiring hardly any upkeep. This sturdiness has resulted in the solution being incredibly common in most areas with tough weather states, like the deserts of their Australian Outback as well as also the hurricane-prone coastal United States. It is longer-lasting and has got a much better appearance than competing materials like vinyl. It is also”more economical” than other construction materials, causing less damage for the entire world and having more sustainable raw substances.

The Way It’s installed

Installation of fiber cement planks is

the same as other construction materials. Planks for siding are formed and cut on producer and prepared to install. Any piece that should be trimmed to dimension might be cut by mechanical saw, and thinner boards may be able to be scored and snapped by a knife. Good ventilation is a must whilst the planks really are now being cut. The boards, notably the large sheets, have become weighty, and also installment will probably require at least two different people at constantly.

Once mounted, the planks could be painted just like timber. Are as of exposure, for example outside siding, should get weathered exterior paint. It will sporadically demand a brand new coat of paintbut is differently maintenance-free.

If you should be on the market to get a siding materials which is tough and provides great curb appeal, consult your community contractor about fiber-cement planks. You will not regret it.

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