Is Egypt the First Domino to Fall?


After nearly a month of protests and individuals residing in the roads, stones being thrown, blood being spilled, and several wounded, Egyptian President Mubarak eventually resigns. There was partying and cheers in the streets throughout the night. The people had spoken and the people had won. The foundation of any democracy is a government for the people and by the public.

Return to this 2009 Iranian elections, in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected, but not with a contentious victory. Similar to Egypt but under different conditions, people flooded the streets in protest, claiming the vote has been repaired and voter fraud has been the reason Ahmadinejad was push back to office.

Regrettably there was bloodshed and deaths. The Iranian ruling party attempted to cover their handling of the situation by not permitting the news cameras or media to the region. What they did not factor in was that the online era of Twitter and the social media. Their atrocities were observed all around the world from mobile phones and computers. It had been known as the “Twitter Revolution”, but sadly it stopped in individuals being ran off the roads and back in their houses by the power of the Iranian army.

We return to now, and shortly after the Egyptian battle, the Iranian individuals are back in the streets and they’re looking for a change. Can they triumph this time? We’ll just have to wait and see what comes in this all, however, one thing is for certain, Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, can not keep blaming the U.S. for all of its internal issues اخبار مصر الان. At some stage he’s going to need to measure up to the plate and acknowledge that his people do not want his or her manner of ruling the nation.

Are we beginning to see that a domino effect with those uprisings? Are there more Muslim nations which are in risk of the specific sort of response from its own people?

If it was not for the world wide web, these folks in those exact closed and limited countries would not have a chance to listen to the facts and discover what’s happening in the world. The world wide web has provided them the capacity to get the information from anywhere around the Earth, which is a great thing.

These corrupt authorities, who wish to force their perspectives and views down the folks, have constantly used the cloak of secrecy, attempting to maintain or shade the facts from the people and use this absence of knowledge to manipulate and control everyone and promote their own agendas. This is true of Hitler and each other evil dictator that’s been drunk with power, and management.

Freedom can not be manipulated and locked in a prison, so it always will find a way to escape, and several believe this is simply the start. Other oppressed men and women will combine the cry for liberty and enjoy Egypt and Iran, be operating through the streets in a bid to reclaim their country and their lifestyles.

I believe with all that’s happening right now, we’re seeing a very different facet of those regimes. They assert freedom and equity, but images and also the voice of fact show another narrative and their escape of duty by pointing their accusing fingers at America, along with many others, for all their short comings, is wearing really thin. The entire world is seeing exactly what they’re actually composed of.

Is that a great thing? Everything depends on who takes the reins of control and power next. The Islamic Brotherhood was included from the Egyptian protests and wishes to participate in another ruling party. This group is the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political category and also calls itself conservative and non-violent. It condemns terrorism along with also the 911 strikes, but others say it’s a terrorist organization with ties to Al-Queda.

Is Egypt the first domino to fall within this line of dominoes? Only time will tell, however, like it or not, the entire world is viewing.

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