History Of Rangoon (Yangon) Along With The Shwedagon Pagoda


The resources and genesis of Rangoon, during the perfect time of the writing as 26 years called Yangon, are a combination of legend, puzzle and recognized historic reality. The Yangon of today is in a way of speaking a finished puzzle the elements of that come from several occasions, different political scenarios, varied political and spiritual events and special websites. All these ‘bits’ that were key to Yangon’s coming to remain the fact and legend are the Mon Kingdom Suvannabhumi, the Mon King Okkalapa, the little fishing village Okkala (afterwards on Dagon), the sacred Singuttara hill, relics of 4 Buddhas such as all the current Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the retailer brothers Tapussa and Bhallika at Okkala, Taninganway Gyo Min, king of these celestials also called Thagyamin, respectively Sularata, also known as Sule nat (protector spirit), the Mon queen Shinsawbuand and the Burmese King Alaungpaya along with lots of other sequential Mon and Burmese kings of different eras, the Shwedagon Pagoda and, of course, most significantly the British.

The histories of Rangoon/Yangon in addition to the Shwedagon pagoda are inseparably intertwined together with the coming into being of one required or made possible the coming into being of these reverse. It’s safe to mention that with no Mon, ” Yangon along with the Shwedagon pagoda (several distinct things) as we know them wouldn’t exist in Burma and with no British, Yangon (the first exquisite British Colonial Rangoon part) would neither possess its current townscape nor its significance since port city and financial heartbeat.

OK, let me now travel back on time, create more particular regarding the ‘puzzle pieces’ and then put them together by telling you the subsequent astonishing story which has its start well before the Pagan dynasty emerged in the late 9th century under the Pyu king Thamudarit.

As legend has it, what started back in the mists of history and legend of this 6th century BC, much more precisely about 585 BC, with of the small settlement of Okkala based from the american Mon who in the moment had established oldest south-east Asian civilisations, cultures and kingdoms in the fields of current cases Mon State in addition to over the southern boundary between Burma and Thailand and at south-west Burma’s fertile delta place, specifically, the Bago Division, Yangon Division and Pathein District (Ayeyawaddy Delta) with their subsequent main centres becoming Thaton and Bago. Assuming that Siddhartha Gautama was involving both 563 BC and 483 BC and farther supposing he climbed to become Buddha at time of 3-5, that wouldbe involving 528 B C combined with 403 B C, also a year old 590 BC and 580 B C might be the appropriate period in our narrative starts. Back your region in which Okkala was constructed was similar to a good deal of the south east shore area – low lying and often swampy land yangon birmanie.

Even the Mon king Okkalapa lived throughout the total amount of time demanded at closing region of the 58 meter 188 feet large Singuttara mountain, that since legend profits – was at the time a into Buddhist sacred mountain because someplace hidden on its own top were relics of the 3 Buddhas previous Gautama Buddha. These relics were the ‘taunghmwedaw’, walking team of those 25th Buddha Kakusandha, ” that the ‘yesittaw’, ” water filter of these 26th Buddha Konagamana, and a small bit of ‘yethanauttaw’ the bathing robe of the 27th Buddha Kassapa, enshrined. Incidentally, the mountain Singuttara goes predicated to legend back more to a massive centipede that lived here combined with whose basic food are the action (in Pali ‘singa’) where he managed to accumulate high (out of Pali ‘uttara’) atop the hill, therefore, the title Singuttara is derived from ‘singa uttara’. Okay back to the narrative.

King Okkalapa now had two important problems that brought him quite a hassle. Mostly, he had despite his own intensive searching to the Buddha relics no notion where they had been buried together with, second, he understood the Singuttara mountain could reduce its sacredness if not on a new Buddha appears and include a present from him to the relics of his predecessors. Regrettably there was nothing he’d do but to put the mountain and pray that the other Buddha wouldn’t experience life too late and he would discover the region where the relics of those former Buddhas was concealed punctually.

1 day when king Okkalapa was meditating and meditating on really top of the mountain Siddhartha Gautama, who had just reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Lumpini park (North-India) overwhelmingly looked in front of him telling him to not worry. He ensured to meet king Okkalapa’s requirement for an talent from him vanished to meditate for two times under the Bodhi tree. Then – at ending of the 49th day – that he gave the brothers Tapussa and Bhallika – retailers by profession and from Okkala – who’d started to match ‘hsandawshin’ (sacred hairs) out of his mind (four hairs for every one of them) in exchange for the very first present he recuperated as Buddha: honey cakes.

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