Bodyguard Training – The Skills You Want


To become an expert bodyguard demands lots of instruction, in case you haven’t ever done anything like it until there is in fact a lot to understand. However it never stops to amaze me how some people today feel so long as they have the cash then the coach can finish up and turn them in a bodyguard. This is not really correct. Whilst I’d be the first to acknowledge that close protection isn’t “rocket science” that you need to develop for training with a few abilities and characteristics. This report discusses the abilities and attributes that are necessary if you want to be an expert close defense officer. It goes without saying that you ought to be honest, punctual and have a mature perspective; nonetheless I will outline other fundamental abilities and characteristics below.

Excellent Communication skills

The closing protection officer must exhibit excellent communication skills during. He also has to have the ability to talk not just to his chief but to other group members in addition to officials. You ought to be a “people person” as a bodyguard will find himself dealing with individuals at all levels, from heads of safety to resort chambermaids. Without good communication abilities you’re not likely to turn into a professional bodyguard, in reality you’re not likely to get beyond the very first interview to the first job Personal Protection.

Common Sense

You’ll need copious quantities of common-sense. Close security officers frequently have to “think on their toes” making decisions by themselves, assessing scenarios and exercising the proper actions to take. Unfortunately you can’t be educated common sense, you either have it or you don’t.

A Professional Attitude

Close security officers necessary to project an entirely professional attitude during their working day. You have to show this attitude from day one. Anything under a professional attitude won’t see you throughout your course, let alone a following profession.

Great Team Player

Close defense is a team game, if you’re not a team player you need to rethink your career choice. There’s simply no room for people who aren’t able to work well within a group. Teamwork is all about and if you don’t work well within a single then shut defense is most likely not for you.


Whether you’ve got it or not you need to discover to ooze it. Your main should trust that you may get the ideal thing in a crisis. The assurance which you show on a daily basis will go a very long way for you getting the confidence of your main. Professional close protection officers which aren’t confident in what they do will simply not be taken seriously.

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